Tuesday, May 10

Supporting what can't be support - Part 1

After several triad run (around 3 -4 times), I come to into a well-known conclusion: People can't get anything right for the first time (well, please read on)

This is probably the third time supporting her on the phone. It is often hard to imagine the condition over there on the phone. How do you answer the direction of a building if you don't know the location and bearing of the people asking? Supporting, no mater what kind of supporting, is never been easy. Thinking on this issue invoke a lot of rethinking of my current job.

Taking a look at "What the end user want?", does it look familiar to you:

If I need to know something new:
  • I either want to get the information myself,
  • Or I want someone to hand it to me,
  • Or I want someone just to tell me the answer.
  • I don't want an involved discussion of how I can get it myself
The above sometimes can be translated into:

"Do you know how to do xxxx?"
"Yes, I know. Just open up xxx and click a few buttons."
"Mm... but this time is a little different , it is because ..."
"I thought it is very easy ? Last time, Peter get the result of ABC with this, why can't I? Isn't ABC is very similar to DEF?"
"Yeah, they are similar in .... but different in...."
"Okay... how about I send the info to you and you help me me to get the result?"

Enough writing, stay tune for Part 2.

Sunday, May 8


From: http://bagghin.net/dictum/dictum_content.php?dictum_id=79

01 Jan 1970

  Steven Chan問︰我給人的印象是「好好先生」,在職場遇到不公平待遇時,都不會隨便發怒,就算下屬犯錯亦不知如何責難。請問發怒有技巧嗎?





  部分「外爆型」人士是性格使然,亦有部分是從「內鬱型」演變過來的。他們最初都是扮演「好好先生」、「好同事」的角色,被人欺負或「踩過界」都仍是客 客氣氣、默不作聲。直至有一天,他們不再甘心當弱者,給自己的結論是︰要「惡」才可以令別人對自己多點尊重,結果由一個極端跳到另一個極端。



  (一) 發怒時不作人身攻擊。你可以批評某人的工作表現、態度或效率、時間觀念、溝通方式等,但絕不可作人身攻擊,否則只會令旁觀者覺得你毫無修養兼言之無物。

  (二) 切忌情緒失控。一個連自己情緒都控制不了的人,自制能力高極有限,焉能承擔大事?發怒不等於一定要不停嘴連續10 分鐘大吵大鬧才叫有效。發怒的定義是表達怒氣,只要你發怒有理據、有內容,哪怕只是一、兩句,已足以令人對你另眼相看。發怒之前,先深呼吸,保持頭腦清 晰,組織一下要說甚麼,然後用堅定而平穩的語氣慢慢地告訴對方你生氣的原因,這就不會令人覺得你無理取鬧或情緒失控。

  (三) 怒,不能隨便發;發的時候,要清晰知道自己為甚麼生氣。換句話說,要有理據才可發怒,不能單單因為覺得某人「看不順眼」就加以辱罵。

  有些人據理發怒後,覺得不好意思,第二天連忙向對方道歉。如果你發怒有理,道歉的原因何在?應該道歉的是對方,不是你,故毋須在事後感不安或不好意 思;更別要在事後賠不是或表示友好,令本來處於上風的你頓然處於弱勢。在自己可理直氣壯的情況下都表現得如此誠徨誠恐,怎能期望人家會尊重、信服自己?因 此,如果覺得自己問心無愧,那發了怒後就要把事件拋諸腦後,別忐忑不安。


2005-01-07 香港經濟日報

Presentation for CSIT510

I final finished the damn presentation. It wasn't that hard indeed. In fact, I found it to be the less-stressed presentation that I have even made. Why? It is becoz even if it screws up, there is no boss yelling at you, and there is no user saying bad things on you. At least, the presentation would be interupted only after the time was up. And we made it finished on time with 3 mins left.

I was actually delighted to find out I wasn't that bad indeed. My classmate told me it is norm to be nervous. Everyone get nervous. But my performance is better than some of my classmates. Yeah ~

I also installed Outlook 2004 and hope that it can sync with my Nokia Symbian cell phone -- to get a more organized life back.

Gee ~ what a horrible week... I lost all my time to relax. Hope to get well soon.