Sunday, July 31

Original text:
For your information, the AB meeting will be rescheduled to xx March Please do not hesitate to contact me about your availability.

Modified text:
The AB meeting has been resheduled to xx March. Please advise availability.


The AB meeting being resheduled to xx March. Please advise availability.

Saturday, July 16

Friends go away

I got quite a lot of friends leave me recently. Although the bondage is not strong, and does not a great impact on my daily life, I don't feel good about the left.

Mimi is gone too -- my friend long lasting friend. I will miss you and always remember the happy times, and also the trouble you have once given me. Isn't it nice if we can meet somewhere later?

Finally: To Lamma, or not to Lamma? That's question.

Friday, July 15

Mus computer mouse

Mus computer mouse

The designer house design a computer mouse which takes the form of a cursor. Guess anyone wanna buy one ?

Monday, July 4