Thursday, November 30

The FON Router

要"啟動" FON Router (La Fonera) 竟然要用 Wifi 接入?在家中試過用 Palm Tx 同 NDSL 接入都無法成功。無理由....

Friday, November 24

And also McDonald

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Big Cat in NY

Originally uploaded by catherine tai.

A friend of mine shot these... gee... look at that Garfield!

PS: This post is post from Flickr's "Blog this" feature -- a pretty neat feature allowing you post blog if find interesting pictures on Flickr. Yahoo! account is needed.

Wednesday, November 22


藍 MaMa 留言問我係唔係古代農夫?但真正的南丫農夫在這里 (Links to。

Monday, November 20

6:24 am


Wednesday, November 15

FONS Router

朋友們,FON Router 已加價了 ($185 HKD)。


昨天有人在 的中文討論區寫了一篇擇居南丫島: 一種生活態度的追求和體現的文章。寫得很認真,把南丫島讚到天上有地下無:


南丫島和住市區分別是有,有些市區才有的方便,南丫島便沒有了。但另一方面,我的同事放工全部是"快快走人",坐交通工具要 cost-effective (要快要平,才合乎香港人的 beat)。而我知道自己幾點有船,坐幾耐,坐在船上看中環/香港仔景色漸漸遠去,便提醒自己已經放工,不要把工作帶回家。

但話雖如此,有時也要 VPN 回公司電腦工作。試過一次病了在家工作,哈,一面看自己家外的樹木
,一面工作,很開心,真有衝動回到以前全職做 freelance 的日子。

Saturday, November 11

Friday, November 10

FONS and Lamma

The FONS wifi router is on sale and only cost $39 + $5!

For those who don't know what FON is: It is the largest WiFi community in the world. Our members share their wireless Internet access at home and, in return, enjoy free WiFi wherever they find another Fonero’s Access Point.

The members of the community are called Foneros. It’s simple to become a Fonero. You just need to buy La Fonera, which enables you to securely and fairly share your home broadband connection with other Foneros. Then when you’re away from home and you need Internet access, just log on to a FON Access Point, and you can use the Internet for free. You don’t need to take your router with you – you just need to remember your Fonero login and password.

Visit the and you can find FON hotspot on our mother Earth. Below is a screen shot for the Lamma Island (not too many, we have three and one of them is nearing to me!)

PS: Imagine one day Skype phone works on FONS network, and you can receive Skype call no mater in or out on the street? A dream? Maybe or maybe not.

PS2: And Yes, you can keep your existing WiFI network (or Local Network - LAN) with your WiFi router. You just need to connect your FON router to your existing WiFi router using a network cable. This cable will go from the Internet port of the FON router to an available LAN port of your current WiFi router.

Thursday, November 9



RSS Feed for Labeled Posts on Blogger Beta

Maybe some of you already know about this, Blogger Beta allows you to subscribed to "Live on Lamma" labled blog posts. As I often post topic not really related to Lamma on this blog and caused any annoyance to you, I suggested you can subscribed the RSS feeds for 2 labels: "Live on Lamma" and "Lamma Fun Day".

Live on Lamma:

Lamma Fun Day:

There are many online feed reader available on the net, I recommended Netvibes or Google Reader.

For Netvibes, you only need an email address to registry and it is completely free. After logged in, click the link "Add Content"/"新增內容" on the top left corner, the click first link in the list to add a new feed, copy and paste the above URL into the box and click "Add". The good thing about Netvibes is that you can add many feed and put them in "Tab" page. For instance, I kept "Internet", "Gadgets", "Friends Blog" etc as tab page. You can customized the number of title displayed in each feed, the number of columns in each tab. I like it as it is much like a dashboard, than a news reader.

For Google Reader, you need a Google Account (Don't tell me you don't have one ?!). The UI is fancy and it works pretty much like Google Mail interface.

PS: Anyone downloaded Firefox 2.x ? A better choice than Internet Explorer because of its online security and smaller memory footprint ... notice the Taiwan offical website got a lovely fox?

Tuesday, November 7


明天就是 Master Degree 的畢業禮,有點兒緊張 >_<'。其實近月來公司工作量多了,人也變得緊張起來,近來竟然有胃痛‧‧‧不想犯錯,只有學習小心工作,也要學習在不熟識的環境的情況下工作,要獨立思考,要獨立下決定。

星期三畢業禮後,竟然有三日 training。對不起了,公司的戰友,大釘哥,你要努力呀!

PS 近日幻想係畢業禮可以同朋友用 NDSL Wifi 玩 Mario Kart....

Sunday, November 5

南丫開心日之後的天台 BBQ

天台 BBQ 合照

天台 BBQ 之盛況

多謝各位朋友到來,還有 Donkey 子惠星期一的晚餐。有興趣的話不妨去 Donkey Xanga 的南丫島3日遊。哈哈,我忍不住 quote 一下 Donkey 有關菜田伯伯的描述:



Thursday, November 2

251 bottles of Coke and 1506 Mentos Mints

251 bottles of Coke and 1506 Mentos Mints. What else can it be?

Live on Lamma, Life in Hong Kong -- something about myself

No matter what title my employer give me, a programmer, is to create software. That's I do and what I am doing right now. I enjoy the moment when the computer program runs and function properly. This is the same moment where the your job satisfaction come: not the praise from your boss, and not the penny that I got (yeah, I am not in Google).

It is hard for people not in the loop to imagine what programmer do:

It can be very boring, but yet very challenging.
It can be very abstract. but yet very realistic because we are modeling our world, and our mind.

I always think that being a programmer, just like being a half engineer and a half philosopher. Whatever it is, programming is a pure mental exercise and very intellectual. I found that I can only do very focus design work for 4 hours per day. If I work more than that, I will very tired.

Sometimes I felt like I am a construction worker than a programmer. Well, actually, we are quite similar: We both build things. We build new software component little by little, like a city in which construction take place while people inside go to work and go to school as usual.

Yeah, an educated construction worker. Ironically, I studied Civil and Structural Engineering in university. I will be a civil engineer, if I don't do programming.

And that is something I felt so wrong on me, and I keep thinking about it all the times: What makes me feel so bored right now?

Am I repeating myself too often? Is the current work too boring? Or maybe I got a habit of going into detail too easy? This is not a good habit as this world is full of information, and they are very very accessible. Google this and google that. Actually, too accessible and overwhelming.

Life in Hong Kong? Just too crowded. Buildings will suddenly stand in front of you and makes you feel so small and so insignificant. Unlike some insignificance, the insignificance I am talking here is harmful.

I have a old friend on Lamma (and, yeah, he is old too) and I once saw him playing his piano. I love the music coz he plays it well and very touching. He is so concentrated to some extend that I have never being so concentrated before. The music and the concentration somehow fit so well.

That concentration is what I need, and what I want to have in Lamma. Can I?