Tuesday, August 30

This is the new version of Google Desktop Search as Side Bar and I really like it. It has Google Talk, Google desktop search engine (with search-as-you-type feature), an email alert, a feed reader, all at no cost ! Downloadable link here.

Finally, they added it.

Thursday, August 25

Today Reading List

Migrate apps from Internet Explorer to Mozilla

Pi value and its domain name (!)

And some Firefox extensions
Search Status
Tabbroswer Preferences
Web Developer
Download Manager Tweak
Switch Proxy

Tuesday, August 23

Moonmin Vally - The Dream Stealers

前陣子去了看<姆明谷>, 演員有楊天經, 谷德昭等 (其他演員不大熟識). 剛好今年是<姆明谷>(又稱<>)誕生60週年紀念, 真想不到原來這套卡通片原來有六十多歲了. 去看的人也不全是小孩子, 情侶及一班朋友的也有. 整体來說也算是一個開心的晚上. 觀眾可以看到姆明, 姆明媽媽, 姆明爸爸, 科尼, 阿美還有史力其的演出. 一眾卡通人物由真人穿上戲服(有點像這個), 姆明及科尼的聲音演出由在旁的"白色一條條"負責.

我個人最喜歡的是阿美, 喜歡她是真人演出但郤很有說服力; 不大喜歡姆明爸爸的毛色, 而因為所有姆明角色的毛短, 方向不一致, 遠看因光線關係顏色一塊塊, 不好看.

Wednesday, August 10

My favourite weapon -- Deadly and powerful. Cumon! Enough blood is lost. I shall end this war, tonight, here !