Tuesday, January 30

The first BBQ of 2007

Many thanks for those who visited Ben, Vivian, Icarus, Joan, and the girl whose name I can't remember. Many thanks for those who carry the food and drink up hill.

I don't talk too much as I am actually too tired after work and a little shy :)

The highlights: Little Magic Show 2007

And well, the most spectacular one cannot be shown online, ha!

Thursday, January 18


PS: 家中 broadband 已經返回 broadband 水平,告別 56kbps 慢速上網時代。沒有網絡的日子很難過,我總不能在家中不看電視(沒有電視),不聽收音機(我的 Nokia 手機就家中的收音機)...今天總算可以看一看 Apple iPhone 的 keynote。聽聽 Steve Jobs 不停講 "We reinvited the phone"...




Thursday, January 11

Mahjong Playing

Everyone is talking about it, my colleagues and even the TV news talks about it - Apple's iPhone. I just don't get it why Apple can produce such a state-of-art phone, while Nokia, Motorola etc was producing mobile phone for so many years? Do I want one? Sure. I think it is way cheaper than all so-called SmartPhone on the market which is not really small at all.But that's probably don't stop me buying the UMPC. :)

By the way, after the coffee brewing and music in Miss Happy last week, me and my gf will teach a English couple playing Mahjong! Ha. That's would be fun. In mean time, anyone wanna review the rule: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahjong

PS: I really want to "translate" the cantonese idiom "供你上大學" (Paying money for you to goto college), which is something you will say when you lose money to other playing during a Mahjong game. School bag can also be secretly placed behind you to "curse" you (so that you can't win).

Friday, January 5

Internet Silence

Due to the cable under sea is broken because of earthquake near TW, the broadband at my home is extremely slow. It is a painful and slow especially when I want to upload pictures.

I am sorry this blog will temporarily stop updating before the network connection is fixed.

Anyway, Happy New Year and wish everyone has a fruitful year in 2007.