Friday, June 18

Friday, again.

Friday, the last week day, can't be more simplier than that.

I felt pretty good today. Not much work at office, tried a different route back to home, made myself a instant noodle by myself at home (something i did not do for a long long time), watched a great VCD (about sea battle between French and England at 18xx.), met Vivian, etc.

I also bought two nice dry-cool shirts yesterday too. One yellow and one white, cool~

Tuesday, June 15

A radio story

I am really unhappy.

And this is the from the radio last night:

A loving mother worked so hard to raise her 13 years old daughter. The mother was strong enought that she can work very much independently, even without her husband. Her husband had less income as the wife did, and he never give money to the family because he gambled (and lost most of his money on house racing). Around 2 years ago, the husband met a woman in his working place and fell in love with her, because he can find confidence and respects from the lover.

The husband decided to leave the wife, and gave up his only daughter for the new beloved woman, the one who made his life brighter. At least he thinks so.

Apparently, the girl cannot stand with this trageic. She inherited all her mother toughness and her will. However, it is still too soon for her. She is too young. She seldom speaks at home, school since then. And she is badly tempered, and even hate for what her mother and her father did to her -- to destroy her happy family. The mother, on the other hand, suffers a tremedous pressure that she can hardly bear it. And because she loves her daughter so much, she is deeply in pain.

Why on earth should this happen? What's going on in the story? Who should be responsible?

May God help them.

Wednesday, June 9

Wish list

Here is the things i wanna finished this month:

Pass SCJP examination.
Decide should I go for SCWD or the J2ee exam.
Look at Orion server and JBoss server, and also the
Spring, get my hands dirty on these :)

Gonna write it down to remind me I made these promise

Ah Chong's Baby

Mushroom just told me that Ah Chong got a 7 months
baby, maybe we can meet her and her baby on July !

Back from Macau

I just went to Macau last week. Guess what? I met a
old colleague whom went there for a cross-country game
(see ). It looks a really
exciting, I wish I were there too.

This morning my throat hurts again. It is frustrating.

Today, I finished some reading on JUnit and log4j.
Hope that I can finish the reading on the Struts and

Friday, June 4


Friday, by defination, is the day before Saturaday.
Under my current condition, it is the day BEFORE
holiday. Isn't it great?

It is good to hear that Vivian is getting better. I
hope we can goto Macau together this weekend.

I finally finished the supplmentary documents to Amy.
It took much long time than I expected. I think I
don't really good at paper work. But this is also one
of the many area I need to work hard to overcome.

My path the certification on Java technology is still
on the way. As I have been very sick for the past 2
weeks, I can hardly find time to do study, though
there is indeed not much to read. I think the effort I
put actually does good to me. Because of the study, I
did the paper test for interview pretty good indeed
(as told by my boss), thanks to the JCP certification.
Kevin and Vince are already on their way to get the
SCWCD cert. It is time for me, to least get the
fundamental one.

Some of my collegues are pretty good on J2EE
technology. Of course, it is just relatively speaking
(comparing them with me). Ha :)

Thursday, June 3


Well, how's the Lamma lunch? It is so far so good la.
The lunch got shrimp, crab, a big fish, etc. The boat
trip isn't very pleasing as the sea is pretty windy. I
still 'dream' of the waves in the office and in bed at
night. :)

Vivian is very sick~ Sorry for that. Her throat can't
function and she felt very tired. I really hope that
she can recover very soon.

I don't have much thing to do this week. I read
documentation of the IDW project here at CSL. There is
indeed a huge amount of documentations and
specifications. :P

In spare time, I am working on a worksheet about my
income and expense, trying to project my account
balance will look like at 2 - 10 years time. MONEY is
hard to earn, gee.

Once again, I wrote this blog using email-blogger.
This time I will remember to use the magic string to
cut off the email, prevent Yahoo! secretly appending
unsolicated messages to my blog.

Sign off.

Wednesday, June 2

Bad week

Me and Vivian both got sick for more than 1 week. This is really frustrating....

Today, me and my collegue at CSL will goto Lamma for lunch! Yes, you heard me. Lamma for lunch. In fact, we are pretty close to Lamma from here (Cyberport).

Gonna go.