Monday, May 31

How am I doing?

It has been nearly a month after I came to CyberPort for my job. The travel distance still upset me becoz it is just ~too far away~ from my home. I spent 3 hours everyday on buses. Don' you think it is too much? How many 3-hours-a-day you have in your life?

It has been a while I did not use the blogger. Honestly, I like the way it looks now. It is easier to use than before. But the site is still pretty slow. Anyway, what can I expect? I did not pay anything. Asking for quality and free-lunch at the same time is just not my type.

My collegues are good. CSL collegues are good. Or I just meet good collegues by luck? Having bad experience from my past job, I am not pretty now conservative. Lesson must be learnt. Anyway, I hope that I can still find good friends, so that I can learn from.

My road to Sun Microsystem's Certified Java Program is still on-going. Being sick for the past 2 weeks (yes, you heard me), I could not possibly doing anything, not to mention productivity. I really hope that I gonna recover and get back on track. The fastest I can get the cert is around the second week of June.

Viv~, be patient and you can overcome all these, and get back on track, as if you were once sick for a while. Love you ~

I still have some stuff to finish for Amy. I hope I can finish it fast, and get the $$ fast.