Wednesday, July 21


  1. I have seen Harry Potter today ~~ nice film.
  2. I found out myself to be quite stubborn indeed. Being a program around 3 - 4 years, I like computers more and more. It is the passion in which developers enjoy and addicted. Simply because machine is in fact much more predictable than human. I must adjust myself.
  3. I want to swim, do reading, watching movie, gaming.... but I have only 24 hours a day. Gee ~~
  4. Seeing my roommate finish the all 3 cert so fast. I want it too. But looking the java cert name card in my wallet, I hesitated. Does it really do good to me? Or I am just feel insecured about my current job/career.
  5. I got an idea of exchange 10 - 20 vocabularies with vivian and we do spelling exercise on each other's words. Then, we can learn around 15 new words every week!

Monday, July 12

My Java Cert.

My Java cert was finally delivered. I suddenly got a feeling of satification. Maybe I can't get it from my job. Now, I can get it by taking a examination (needs money), and found that I can do it, and felt someone acknowledge my capability.

Wanna find for watching my DVDs, reading my books, and get out my ruin-like home.