Friday, September 24


  1. I am looking for memory monitor, which can help me monitor memory consumption at time interval . I am pretty interested to compare the performance between Mozilla Broswer vs. Firefox. Looks like the speed of firefox is pretty fast ...
  2. This is week is crazy. I tried 2 times passed the bus stopbecoz of sleeping on the traveling bus. This time, I wasted nearly 1.5 hours on road becoz of that.
  3. I did learn a lot at CSL... or did I?

Saturday, September 18

Gmail related stuff

My little search on gmail using google shows some interesting thing:

  1. A file system which can be mounted from Linux, using the storage space provided by Gmail.
  2. A batch "upload" tool to upload your existing email to Gmail, which in fact turn out to be mass email sender :)
    Google GMail Loader (GML)
  3. Blog which dedicate to GMail usage tip
  4. Gee.... check out this too:

Tuesday, September 7

Back to school...

0) First of all, I deleted my first attempt in writing this diary by
accidentally pressing the Encoding Setting button in browse under It is a disaster.

1) My school day is started. It takes place on every Monday and
Wednesday night at HKUST. I take 7 trips of various transportations in
total during school day, which should probably makes me one for most
hard working students on earth. Adding up these trips, I spend nearly
4 hours in total on transportations traveling back and forth between
home, office, and school during school day.

2) Not surprisingly, not all my of classmates are graduates of
CS/IT/IS/CPEG. Some are graduates of BBA, Physics, BioChem, etc. One
of my classmate is a fresh graduate of CS at HKOU. I think he did a
wise move as taking a MSc IT would definitely helps his career.
Talking about education, I noticed, until now, there are people who
think a good university with reputation (like HKUST, does HKUST got
this reputation?) really helps her graduates in earning more money.
This theory really surprises me as it does not making any sense!
CUHK/HKU/HKUST graduates should probably find jobs easier. But earning
more money? NO way, unless we are talking graduates from Cambridge,
MIT, etc, or graduates from a few subjects.

3) Doing the UAT work in Cyberport is quite boring indeed. And it
makes my eyeball hurt after a few hours of struggling on finding why
the numbers don't work out. I started to wonder why Daniel (my team
leader) seems handling these thing better than me? Yes, he knows the
business logic and other workmates more, and thus he can communicate
well and better than me. But I think he can simple handle more work
simultaneously, which is something I can't. I think it is my problem,
and now I am really want to fix it. I bought a book called "Leave the
office earlier" at PageOne and breaks PRODUCITIVE into 11 great
chapter (ha! I can write book reviews at amazon.):

PRODUCITIVE: Preparation, Reduction, Order, Discipline, Unease,
Concentration, Time mastery, Information management, Vitality,

It got a form corresponds to each of the above, for which you can fill
it in and you will have a score on each of these areas. And then you
can follow the book and improve yourself. I like the book, and I wish
I can be more productive after reading it.