Friday, October 17

HKBU VITLE where to go


I really think this project is worth to continue, but given that the limited resources. It can't go long.

It is already Oct now, around 2 months plus a few days to go until the end of the year. Should I look for another job? Or stay if they will give me chance?

Anyway, I don't want myself to stand on the same place all the times. I need to see myself doing some progress. I want myself to learn something, or find something interesting, or discover a new interest, or did something good to my beloved one.

I take the LPI examination at the coming Novmember. Hope that I can find some time to do the revision. Gee... it is no easy! A lot of linux commands to remembered!

I suddenly miss my old swimming diary ~~~ :P

Monday, October 13

Macromedia kick ass

I really think Macromedia is going to success. Think what it can do?

-- Real time video/audio conferencing
-- Proven and sound development tool like Flash MX, think how many web sites are written (entirely) in Flash !
-- Flash Remoting, SOAP and web services counter-part, with its capability to go thru firewall, and it compressed nature... possibly making it better then SOAP?

Gee... maybe I should start to do some serious development with...

and i should start to look for place where I can exchange information and knowledge with others..