Monday, August 23


  • I can't think of a better name than this for the blog.
  • I have been to Vivian's new hall tonight. I also visited her room too. It is a pretty nice place. The washroom is shared by 4 girls (2 rooms, 2 ppl shares a room), which is much better than HKUST's design (1 washroom per floor). The room is fairly large and clean. The view isn't really good, as the window is facing the inner side of the hall buildings. It should have better views, as the other side of the building should face the kowloon side and TST. I guess the window at common room can view fireworks during Chinese New Year.
  • I hope I would not be too missing of her after she moved into the student hall. I... envy her room and her new live, though I already had it. Looking at the stuff in the room, we guess her new roommate should probably like her room neat and tidy... which is a good sign :)
  • As for the working, we are still try hard to verify our BusinessObjects' report. It is really difficult for us, as we don't know much about business logic and the underlying table structure of DDS. Most of the time we don't know whether or not our report is correct. However, we should be the party who knows all the thing, and in fact we are in the best position as we can ask our users and our fellow vender as the same time. Time is our only enemy.

Monday, August 16


  • I am watching 100m woman butterfly final now! Gee.. they all swim very fast!
  • We will start to do the UAT this week. Got quite nervous...

Sunday, August 15

Hi, I am Mimi

Hi, I am Mimi! Posted by Hello

I have got Gmail!

  • I have just got a new Gmail account -- simonltk + @ + I got it from a guy at ebay called "hand-to-hand" for $3.99 USD. The gmail is really nice and I am quite impressed with the new features.
  • I watched "Calendar Girl", a nice moive.
  • ... can't wait for the new acadermic year ...

Thursday, August 12

Nice Dinner

  • Today I went to my roommate's home to have dinner. It was great. They are so welcome and friendly. And many funny things happened, like being asked how many kids I am going to have, and the funny conversion between us and his grandma. It have been a long time I did not go there for dinner. I guess it must have 5 years, excluding Chinese New Year!
  • As for the dinner, I took Vivian with me this time. I hope she can enjoy the dinner too.
  • I borrowed the "Head First EJB" from my roommate, hope that I have time to read it and some find time to take the examination.
  • Actually, I like the current job pretty much. It gives me a sense of security, and the not-going-change-so-much feeling, which is something I never had for the past 4 years! Though I don't really like what I am doing for the moment. I hope that I can make good use of my time to finish my master. Honestly, I am very look forward to the commencing of the new acadermic year!
  • I am very worry about my Dad and my Mum. Not knowing what I can do for them, I felt pretty helpless. Though not feeling completely hopeless, I don't know what I should do beside pray for them. I want to find some good friend for mum. I mean not those eat-drink-or-hi-bye kind of friends, but friends who is actually loving you and helpful. I think she needs some social life.
  • I can't stand for my house any longer -- a slogan I always shout these years; I felt, again, helpless about this situation. To me, my room/house is like a hotel room. Basically I can't do anything useful and effectively within my room. I spent so much time turning around inside my room and doing mindless stuff like "taking my sockets and pants to laundry basket", "taking my 3 days ago cups for washing", "put back my bank statement, credit card statement, and mindless newsletter", ", "moving stack of countless books/magazines/notes/print-outs from my chair to my bed, in order to get some room". Gee ~~~ what's this?