Saturday, October 28

Lamma Fun Day 2006 - 5

The music band at the beach is my love on Lamma Fun Day, since I can't join the kid games as I will scare the children away. The music really lifts up people's mood and keep everyone alive there. Some people dance in beach but most of them are not Chinese. For some unknown reason, local Hongkonger don't really dance. I don't think being a Chinese is the reason, as I have seen people dance a lot in China. But in Hong Kong, only new immigrates from mainland do that.

Anyway, to whoever sing and do the instrument on the stage: Thank You !

Music Band Show at the beach:

Another one:

Friday, October 27

View my blog in 19 LCD upright

It is just amazing that viewing Live on Lamma in 90 degree in 900x1440 resolution:

Wednesday, October 25

Graduation Package

Just receive the Graduation Package from HKUST! The package includes an Academic Regalia, a free gift of mobile phone strap and tie, assembly ticket, guest tickets, flower discount coupon.

Maybe I was too young when I graduated from my degree program, I have no feeling on the graduation. But this time, 2 years of terrible time -- working in day time and having lesson in night time, did teach me a valuable lesson: If you have spare time, spend it well and make sure you have rewards that you appreciated.

...btw, just a few weeks later, I can't use my student ID card to buy cheap movie ticket anymore.

Tuesday, October 24

Lamma Fun Day 2006 - 4

Thanks to all who come on the fun day and visit my home. I know you guys/girls are tired. But I wish all of you enjoy the event.

Because of the time limitation, we don't have the ball game this year. I did not really count but it looks like this year got fewer people. However, the Lamma Fun Day did draw some media attention. According to, SCMP Young Post has a cover story on the Lamma Fun Day. The article can be found here.

I think the promotion on that day is better than last year. Road sign with balloon were placed along the Main Street showing direction to the beach. Those who wears "LFD Volunteer" help a lot. I saw some of them standing next the gas store and distributing leaflet of the Lamma Fun Day.

The weather is unexpectedly HOT, and it is amazging that lot of people were swimming on that day. I like the music too, though there are less bands this year and the stage is less sexy as in the last year. Because of the stall, I can't stay on the beach for a long time (a little unfair to my friends). But we did stay on the beach listening to the music and drinking beers, yeah !

For our stall, we don't have game but selling jewellery and stuff we bought from South-East Asia. One stall had art workshop on Mosaic art work which we wanted to hold last year but we can't do it as we don't have enough people. The stall was located next to the "face painting base camp" and I must say workshop is very successfully and I think the kids just love it.

One more thing, does any know who sang psalm (is it ?) on that day? It is funny that they actually start singing right next to Grandma-Tofu Fa (亞婆豆腐花). Well, who expect to have LIVE performance when you are eating a $5 Tofu Fa?

Lamma Fun Day 2006 - 3

Children Face Painting

Another Face Painting Base Camp.

Saturday, October 21

Lamma Fun Day

Tomorrow is Lamma Fun Day, who's with me?

And many thanks for those who come and have BBQ tomorrow on my roof!

Thursday, October 19

太忙了 太忙了

近來公司工作很忙,"Blog 也寫少了"。今天不但 miss 了公司 shuttle bus,也忙得坐的士的時候連電話都留在車裏,幸好的士司機還算好人,最後也能還我電話(當然多給了一次的車資)。認真破財.....

花了 $1450 買了個 19' LCD,科技發展一日千里。新的 LCD 比舊的更大、更靚、更平。舊的 Panel 就算操作正常,也難不給自己藉口買新。一時貪玩還做 BOC 信用卡分期付款,分十二個月還,合共每月多給 $7.78 HKD。還算不錯。

還來二天就是 Lamma Fun Day,希望星期日有時間去,不用 VPN 返公司工作(過了 Fun day,甘我就有很多很多相片可以 post 上o黎!)。

Monday, October 9

各位同事 ~ 多謝o西

各位同事 ~ 多謝o西。 終於完成了十三人o既 BBQ 創舉,致各同事:

Thomas: 相呀! 我要相呀!無相我點寫 Blog!
Kennth + Vivian: o的蝦好正,謝過了。唔該o西你o地努力幫忙。 PS: "Che" o既用法,係出口術,係女性特權。你也應該叫 Vivian 學。
Jesse + Joanne: 行山開心 ma?希望一日的假期可以令你地多一日"私人時間" :)
Michael Yeung: 你係少數能夠去到華山,睇到風車同發電廠既 IT 人。俾三粒星你:
Chris: 城市人... o的炭好輕o者.
Ivan + Winnie (希望無串錯你的名字): 多謝 Ivan 太太的努力幫忙,招呼左甘多隻煌蟲。

還有多謝各位同事賞面,還有 "軒軒" 讓出父母一用....

Saturday, October 7

Google Code Search and Hatred

Google just launched a new service called "Google Code Search":

According to the site:
Google Code Search helps you find function definitions and sample code by giving you one place to search publicly accessible source code hosted on the Internet.
Programmers like me often enjoy the time of reading other's source code, as reading source code is just like reading someone else's mind.

Proof? Programmer really like to express their personal feeling (hatred) in the source code, check out the following search on Google Code Search:

damn, bill gate, my boss, hate windows