Thursday, January 11

Mahjong Playing

Everyone is talking about it, my colleagues and even the TV news talks about it - Apple's iPhone. I just don't get it why Apple can produce such a state-of-art phone, while Nokia, Motorola etc was producing mobile phone for so many years? Do I want one? Sure. I think it is way cheaper than all so-called SmartPhone on the market which is not really small at all.But that's probably don't stop me buying the UMPC. :)

By the way, after the coffee brewing and music in Miss Happy last week, me and my gf will teach a English couple playing Mahjong! Ha. That's would be fun. In mean time, anyone wanna review the rule:

PS: I really want to "translate" the cantonese idiom "供你上大學" (Paying money for you to goto college), which is something you will say when you lose money to other playing during a Mahjong game. School bag can also be secretly placed behind you to "curse" you (so that you can't win).


Kenneth Kwong said...

you better explain why the School bag can curse your lose money ...... since there are 'books' inside.........why books cause lose......haha!

welcome back to blog world

JadeB said...

I like that schoolbag idea, worth a try! - wonder if it works for other backgammon?

Jade (The Mahjong Guide)