Tuesday, May 10

Supporting what can't be support - Part 1

After several triad run (around 3 -4 times), I come to into a well-known conclusion: People can't get anything right for the first time (well, please read on)

This is probably the third time supporting her on the phone. It is often hard to imagine the condition over there on the phone. How do you answer the direction of a building if you don't know the location and bearing of the people asking? Supporting, no mater what kind of supporting, is never been easy. Thinking on this issue invoke a lot of rethinking of my current job.

Taking a look at "What the end user want?", does it look familiar to you:

If I need to know something new:
  • I either want to get the information myself,
  • Or I want someone to hand it to me,
  • Or I want someone just to tell me the answer.
  • I don't want an involved discussion of how I can get it myself
The above sometimes can be translated into:

"Do you know how to do xxxx?"
"Yes, I know. Just open up xxx and click a few buttons."
"Mm... but this time is a little different , it is because ..."
"I thought it is very easy ? Last time, Peter get the result of ABC with this, why can't I? Isn't ABC is very similar to DEF?"
"Yeah, they are similar in .... but different in...."
"Okay... how about I send the info to you and you help me me to get the result?"

Enough writing, stay tune for Part 2.

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