Sunday, May 8

Presentation for CSIT510

I final finished the damn presentation. It wasn't that hard indeed. In fact, I found it to be the less-stressed presentation that I have even made. Why? It is becoz even if it screws up, there is no boss yelling at you, and there is no user saying bad things on you. At least, the presentation would be interupted only after the time was up. And we made it finished on time with 3 mins left.

I was actually delighted to find out I wasn't that bad indeed. My classmate told me it is norm to be nervous. Everyone get nervous. But my performance is better than some of my classmates. Yeah ~

I also installed Outlook 2004 and hope that it can sync with my Nokia Symbian cell phone -- to get a more organized life back.

Gee ~ what a horrible week... I lost all my time to relax. Hope to get well soon.

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