Thursday, June 3


Well, how's the Lamma lunch? It is so far so good la.
The lunch got shrimp, crab, a big fish, etc. The boat
trip isn't very pleasing as the sea is pretty windy. I
still 'dream' of the waves in the office and in bed at
night. :)

Vivian is very sick~ Sorry for that. Her throat can't
function and she felt very tired. I really hope that
she can recover very soon.

I don't have much thing to do this week. I read
documentation of the IDW project here at CSL. There is
indeed a huge amount of documentations and
specifications. :P

In spare time, I am working on a worksheet about my
income and expense, trying to project my account
balance will look like at 2 - 10 years time. MONEY is
hard to earn, gee.

Once again, I wrote this blog using email-blogger.
This time I will remember to use the magic string to
cut off the email, prevent Yahoo! secretly appending
unsolicated messages to my blog.

Sign off.

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