Friday, June 4


Friday, by defination, is the day before Saturaday.
Under my current condition, it is the day BEFORE
holiday. Isn't it great?

It is good to hear that Vivian is getting better. I
hope we can goto Macau together this weekend.

I finally finished the supplmentary documents to Amy.
It took much long time than I expected. I think I
don't really good at paper work. But this is also one
of the many area I need to work hard to overcome.

My path the certification on Java technology is still
on the way. As I have been very sick for the past 2
weeks, I can hardly find time to do study, though
there is indeed not much to read. I think the effort I
put actually does good to me. Because of the study, I
did the paper test for interview pretty good indeed
(as told by my boss), thanks to the JCP certification.
Kevin and Vince are already on their way to get the
SCWCD cert. It is time for me, to least get the
fundamental one.

Some of my collegues are pretty good on J2EE
technology. Of course, it is just relatively speaking
(comparing them with me). Ha :)

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